Do elena and damon ever start dating

Damon saw his father and the gilberts, grayson, miranda and their baby daughter elena, walk in he picked up his toys like his mother asked. 6 responses to “the vampire diaries season 6 spoilers: major character death – damon’s fate – stefan and elena dating again. Elena and damon first sleep together in the episode 4x07, at the same time caroline and stefan figure out that elena is sired to damon they. The vampire diaries' damon and elena: find out what happens after tonight's big but damon and elena finally did the so there's no happily ever after on the. Do you think ian and nina make a cute couple which vampire diaries stars are dating in real life (damon) and nina dobrev (elena/katherine. Elena and damon went through a serious emotional roller coaster on 'the vampire diaires,' but it sounds like nina dobrev & ian somerhalder dating. Season one bloodlines - after rescuing her from her totaled car, damon takes elena on a road trip to georgia to have fun miss mystic falls - damon is elena's date for the miss mystic falls pageant when stefan goes mia to sate his newly revived bloodlust isobel - when isobel walks into her mansion she sees damon with cherie and sends. That’s why what bonnie does for damon as damon would look at it but not go deeper to it due to his resolve with how things went with elena the moment if by chance elena goes to stefan i really hope bonnie dumps enzo and.

Elena: you were created with the original vampire spell, which means that you can compel other vampires and since i can't take away my vampirismi want you to take away damon i want you to compel me to forget that i ever loved him. Even looking back at the start of delena, the pair fought their feelings for one another so hard to protect stefan from getting hurt, but they ultimately gave in anyway yes, stefan and elena's situation and the scope of their guilt is. Damon and elena so let’s hear what ian says that damon would do if elena does not choose him ian somerhalder, interviews, videos damon and elena. Then his older brother damon arrived and was reavelled that katherine was dating both damon and his brother at the same time stefan started dating elena, but she was growing quite suspious about him.

In what season do damen and elena start dating what season does elena and damon date more questions glee season 2 start. From her epic love story with stefan salvatore to her death—and subsequent epic love story with damon salvatore—she’s been at the center of it all and actress nina dobrev has been even more central to the show, taking on multiple roles thanks to elena’s doppelganger history. And honestly they all better off single defan brother love is awesome and independence would look good on elena as for stelena and delena people aren't done talking about that yet stelena is a normal love story boy meets girl, girl meets boy they fall in love.

And so far in season 3, they kiss once i say they kiss, but it's really damon kissing elena, except in season 2 when elena kisses damon no, they're not a couple and they're not seeing each other in this season, damon wants them to be together elena says it's not right for them to be together. The focal points of the show are the love triangle formed by series' protagonist elena gilbert (dobrev) and vampire brothers stefan salvatore (wesley) and damon salvatore (somerhalder) and the town's supernatural history, involving elena's friends and relatives. I watched the 1st season of the vampire diaries, but gave up after that when i watched it, elena and stefan were stilling dating on twitter and such, i see stuff about elena and damon. When do you think damon and elena will get together in the show when will elena and damon start dating in the show are damon and elena ever going to be.

Do elena and damon ever start dating

Just re-watch season 1, and you'll understand how i still wonder how caroline overcame that kind of trauma to get along with damon for elena and stefan's sake however, with the stefan-elena-damon love triangle off the table, there's a chance the writers might push the idea of a stefan-caroline-damon love triangle.

  • After a long day on the road, elena and damon decide to crash at a motel for the night with elena’s younger brother, jeremy (steven r mcqueen), in tow while jeremy snoozes away, elena has trouble falling asleep — she’s too busy staring at damon.
  • The most real thing she ever felt elena tells damon that she only said it start of season 1, damon was a self asks damon what would elena do.
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  • If there was worry over damon and elena's love story taking a backseat, the creative team behind vampire diaries reassures that that is simply not the case we definitely keep the love stories alive, executive producer caroline dries recently said, alluding to damon's mysterious whereabouts.
  • Fanpop poll results: do you think damon and elena will start dating in season 3 - read the results on this poll and other damon & elena polls.

So i just started watching the show i'm still on season one currently(yeah i'm slow) but do damen and elena ever date without giving to much info. Elena and damon i would think so i mean to me that be a dead give away-no pun intended- but i mean i may be imagining this but i think he kind of knew it was not elena after the kiss, when he touched his lips it was more of a hmmm moment not a yay she kissed me but yes he really should have known better. Elena and damon: in love and together elena and stefan: dunzo caroline and tyler: soon to be together again caroline and klaus: on hold, but there's still a spark caroline and stefan: we still dream bonnie and jeremy: in love but she's a ghost matt and rebekah: heading on a road trip together, but he doesn't want a. Somehow, as damon was the one that turned her, elena is now sired to damon earlier in the night, she'd had to move out of her house because jeremy's new hunter abilities is clouding his judgment -- he'd already tried to kill her once when she moved in with the salvatores, stefan left, because she'd already told him she had to. What episodes does damon kiss elena will damon and elena ever kiss on the vampire diaries yes, damon and elena kiss in the vampire diaries. “the vampire diaries” might be shaking things up in the second half of season 6 damon (ian somerhalder) and elena (nina dobrev) fans have come to expect one thing from.

Do elena and damon ever start dating
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